Journey to Freedom Levels 1-3

For those members that are ready to move to the next level of becoming a disciple leader we have Journey to Freedom levels one, two and three. Each level is nine weeks long and participants will build relationships while developing strong discipleship foundations. (Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Freedom-New Members Class)

JTF 201: Basics of the Christian Faith

Journey to Freedom 201 focuses on the basics of Christian doctrine and faith. It provides foundational teaching on being saved by grace, living eternal life, and having a relationship with God. Throughout this course, students will learn more about their identities in Christ and the power of living a spirit-filled life.

JTF 202: Going deeper: My Process, My Victory

At the core of Journey to Freedom 202, are key principles that will strengthen the Christian home life. This level explores practical topics including forgiving others and meditating on the Word of God while also delving deeper into subjects such as healing and deliverance. In addition, it explains the importance of Christ’s church and what it means to have authority as a believer.

JTF 203: A Call to Discipleship

The overall theme of Journey to Freedom: 203 is developing solid principles of leadership for a lifetime of fruitfulness. Students learn about the power of Godly relationships, how to use their testimony, and how to use their gifts to disciple.

Journey to Freedom Levels 1-3 Text

The Complete Discipleship Evangelism Course by Andrew Womack:

Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." - Matthew 28:19 Like many believers, you may feel unprepared or inadequate in fulfilling that command. If you do, stop it! Your family, friends and neighbors need you. They may not know it, but you have the answers to the most important questions in their lives. All you've needed is the right tool. This tool has been designed so that anyone, at anytime anywhere can reach an unbeliever, disciple a new believer, or grow with others in the Lord.

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