Freedom Church Partnership Helps Mentor At Risk Boys

A Partnership with Tools 4 Teens /  Tools 4 Life’s Kelly Litvak

One of newest and most exciting ministries as Freedom Church comes by way of an incredible women with a heart to save our at risk young men. Kelly Litvak is the founder and Executive Director of Tools 4 Teens and Tools 4 Life Books. Through this very unique program, she has touched the lives of countless boys and their families.

Tools 4 Teens runs an intensive mentorship program that pairs incarcerated boys with Christian adult men as mentors. This year, Freedom Church became the leading supplier of mentors to Kelly’s ministry, and our own Pastor Johnny Gentry, III began serving as the Director of Mentoring Activities for the organization.

[blockquote author=”Kelly Litvak”] Tools 4 Life considers Freedom Church to be more than a community partner. We have identified Freedom Church, the leadership and members as a leading partner to Tools 4 Life. Positioned right in the heart of our service area, Freedom Church will serve as the epicenter for our mentor trainings and Man Up meetings. It is clear that we share a common mission with Pastor Johnny and Jenice Gentry, who truly want to use Freedom Church to make a community and eternal impact, all for His glory.  [/blockquote]

We began with nearly 20 men attending an orientation with Kelly earlier this year. As of this article, many have already been paired with mentees, while others will be paired in the near future.

As one of the mentors, I can say that Kelly is really in the trenches. We went to a meet and greet at one of the facilities housing these incarcerated young men, and we truly witnessed lives in transformation. These boys, largely repeat offenders written off by society as lost causes, had finally found a place to let their guards down and be loved by someone, and to love them in return. Myself and the fellow mentors were touched, some moved to tears, as these boys reached out to us, shared their hearts and expressed how they were so truly thankful that we were there for them.

This is just the beginning of our partnership with Kelly and Tools 4 Teens / Tools 4 Life Books. We will continue to recruit more mentors and support this ministry that is so vital for both the boys we are mentoring, and to the future of our entire society. If you’d like to work with Kelly as a mentor or in some other volunteer capacity, contact us at (713) 633-3733 or through the button below.

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To learn more about Kelly and Tools 4 Teens / Tools 4 Life Books, read this article by Meagan Clanahan from Katy Magazine.

Photo Credit: Katy Magazine

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