Miracles at Freedom Church Youth Network with Pastor Chris Gamez and Team

Wednesday night February 11, 2015 kicked off our partnership with Pastor Chris Gamez. He and his team are now working with the leadership of Freedom Church’s Youth Network to bring our youth ministry to the next level. “Next level” may be a cliche, but on the first night, it truly was next level. Through Pastor Chris, the Lord lead our young people into receiving and interpreting words of knowledge, identifying who in the congregation the words were for, and then praying for those individuals one on one.

But the Lord wasn’t done with us yet, as Pastor Chris shared his experiences specifically with praying for shortened legs to be healed, and then watching them grow out. Next, he lead us to do the same, and we saw miracles. Shortened legs actually began to grow out in font of our eyes, and those who were healed then testified that the back pain they had previously been experiencing due to their shortened legs was gone.

Pastor Chris and his team will be leading Freedom Church’s Youth Network Wednesday service twice a month¬†for the next year. Below are some photos from this past Wednesday.

Join us each Wednesday at 7:00 PM. There’s something for all ages.

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