Journey Director: Edith Thompson

Edith Thompson joined Freedom Church in November of 2007, where she quickly became involved with the ministry. Upon completing the courses in Mission Institute, Edith then became an Elder at Freedom Church in 2009. With a growing passion and interest for all those involved in the ministry, she became the Director of the Volunteer Ministry mid 2014.

The Volunteer ministry consists of all the individuals that assist in every facet of the ministry (i.e. Connect, Hospitality, Operations, Mission Institute etc.). It is the responsibility of the Volunteer Ministry to integrate new members into the church by assisting them in locating the ministry which best suits them, and tracking their progress throughout their journey at Freedom Church.

Her vision includes continued growth in every ministry operating within Freedom Church. This will allow the Freedom Church mission to be fulfilled and the Lord’s work in the kingdom to be accomplished, one volunteer at a time.