Find your unique Sweet-Spot™ in God... that part of your personality that:

  • Brings more joy to your work- and ministry-life,
  • Helps you find value & purpose, and
  • Improves communication with others.



Welcome! Most people finish their snapshot in 7-10 minutes without rushing.

Express your NATURAL PREFERENCES to each question in the snapshot.  Whether at work, at home, at school, or at play, keep your "total-self" in mind.  Don't take too long.  Don't over think. There are no right or wrong answers -- just try to be authentic about the things you prefer.

As illustrated below, rate each question by HOW MUCH YOU LIKE or
HOW MUCH YOU PREFER each idea presented -- from "Greatly"
to "Not At All".  Click on the item that best matches your natural tendency.

SAMPLE QUESTION 1 of 33:  How much do you like to eat green eggs and ham?

a)    +++  Greatly
b)    ++  Somewhat
c)    +  Slightly
d)    –  Not At All

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