What’s the Verdict? / Nu Crusade Interview

On the nights of October 10 – 11, 2014, on the campus of Freedom Church, neighborhood residents in the Homestead Rd. area on the northeast side of Houston, TX received an unexpected blessing. On those two nights, the usual comings and goings in this “hood” were interrupted by lights, music, ministry and free food.

The occasion: The “What’s the Verdict? Not Guilty” crusade, presented by Nu Crusade Ministries in partnership with Freedom Church. Over the course of this two-night revival dozens came to the Lord and were loved on, many of whom are those the world considers the “least of these”.

Our own Kyondra Johnson¬†took some time to sit down with Pastor Darrel Johnson, founder and director of Nu Crusade Ministries, to learn more about his vision for the crusade, exactly what all went into making this crusade a success, and where it’s headed. Watch the video below.

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